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Junior Squad (ages 12–20)

Our Junior Squad helps young épéeists develop into competitive fencers through a structured program that develops their skills and fitness.

Squad sessions include warm-up, drills, footwork, fitness, structured bouting exercises and games. This helps young fencers to develop all aspects of their fencing to the level they want to get to, from beginner to elite.

New fencers join the Junior Intermediate Épée Squad

Times: Sat 1:00–2:30pm Coach: Darcy MacCuspie Costs: $290 per term (BOOK NOW) if the term has not yet commenced, or $30 per session paid on the day of each session if term has commenced (squad members must also pay VRI Membership) Equipment: Some provided Class size: Up to 16

Experienced fencers join the Junior Épée Squad

Times: Mon 4:40–6.30pm; Wed 5:40–7:30pm

Additional training times for High Performance Juniors: Tue 4:30-6:30pm; Thu 4:40-6:30pm; Fri 6:00-8:00pm

Coach: Olympian Gerry Adams

Costs: Junior Squad costs are included in VRI Membership. Access to additional training times for High Performance Juniors is by the invitation of Head Coach Gerry Adams.

Equipment: Some provided

Class size: Up to 16


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