Why Fencing?

Fencing is always a challenge

What other sport requires intense fitness, strength, flexibility and speed – all with the strategy of a chess Grandmaster?

While fencing develops athletic skills such as speed, agility, and coordination, it’s much more than that. You learn to be fast, psychological, tactical, athletic, and graceful. Fencing skills helps you be analytical, make complex decisions, and think on your feet. 

People can fence at all ages

Fencing is accessible to people of all shapes, sizes, and athletic abilities. While some of our youngest fencers are 7, our eldest is in his 70s, has fenced all his life, and is a regular on the international Veterans fencing scene. For young (and older) beginners, fencing helps build self-esteem and self-confidence, and develop respect for their squad, competitors, and coaches. They also become extremely fit!

Fencing is a community sport

From Monday evening lessons and bouts, to Saturday afternoon squads, VRI is always a busy, active community. Whether you fence foil, epée, or sabre or train for Modern Pentathlon, you’ll always find someone to fence with during the week. Our Club Championships are a highlight of the year, and an excuse for fencers and modern pentathletes to get together for a friendly competition. We love competing locally, nationally and internationally, and our coaches and fencers often travel to international clubs to hone their skills.