Fencing FAQs

Which weapon should I fence?

VRI offers many different pathways to fencing. For the very young, we usually recommend our VRI Swordplay class, which teaches the basics of foil. After private lessons to assess your suitability (and to have a go at a different weapon!), graduates then go into junior foil, epée or sabre squads. Adult beginners generally start with epée. Of course if you fenced a particular weapon at school or Uni and wish to continue, VRI offers opportunities in all 3 weapons at all levels and ages.

If you’re not sure which weapon to start with, contact VRI today.

What do I get for my VRI membership?

Unlike many gym and sports memberships, fencing with VRI is a reasonably-priced way to get fit and discover a new sport. One of the greatest benefits of our VRI club membership is unlimited use of our facility during opening hours throughout the week. We encourage members to visit often! You’ll always find a willing opponent for open bouting, training and personal development. VRI membership (with Fencing Victoria affiliation) also covers insurance, protective gear and weapons for beginners. 

What do I bring to classes?

Come in comfortable sports gear and wear sneakers and long tracksuit pants for bouting. Bring your water bottle and towel and be ready to warm up when your class starts. VRI has storage facilities for members who wish to leave their gear at the club.

Is fencing safe?

Fencing has one of the lowest injury rates of any sport. At VRI we uphold high standards of fencing safety. We take care to follow the rules of the sport, and to respect the weapon both on and off the piste. Members wear full protective gear (mask, glove, and protective clothing) before stepping on the piste. 

How many days a week should I fence?

Beginners usually attend a class once a week, and are encouraged to attend more often as their skills develop. Many of our regular members fence at VRI at least 2-3 times a week. Our club memberships are structured to encourage members to take advantage of as much time on the piste and with their coach as possible. Like every sport there is no ‘easy fix’; the more you fence, the quicker your skills will improve!