Adult Intermediate Epée Squad

Our intermediate squad builds better understanding of epée fencing in a focused 1.5-hour session. Fencers improve their fitness and fencing skills with group warm-up, footwork, drills, and structured and free bouting.

Through a range of intensive exercises, our squad works on building core strength and flexibility for fencing, as well as developing technical skills in both attack and defence. In friendly bouts at the end of the session, fencers practice applying these skills and improve their understanding and use of tactics and strategy.

This weekly squad is for graduates of Adult Beginners and adults who have previously fenced epée at an intermediate level.

Time: Thu 7-8:30pm
Costs: $165 per term (squad members must also pay annual VRI Membership)
Equipment: Some provided
Squad size: 8-15

The VRI Adult Intermediate Epée Squad is now open for enrolment.